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Pictures from the 2017 Serata Gala

President’s Letter May 2017

Letter from the President May 2017
Let’s Walk the Walk People!
May 2017 and the countdown is on- just over 2 years until the Conference- I hope it’s on your mind, because it is certainly on ours! A team is being gathered and crazy ideas are spilling out all over the place! I even rapped about this conference in Baltimore, so I hope you are ready for an event to be remembered! We hope to show the rest of Canada that our connections here in Manitoba are long and strong. A few surprises never seen before at a conference are in the works! It is widely known that people from the prairies are creative, funny, and like to have a good time, so let’s walk the walk.
The MTNA conference this past March in Baltimore was a wonderful experience and we will tell you about it at the Wine-up this coming June. I hope you enjoy the articles in Take Note about the conference, master classes, and the write up on our national piano competition winner, Paul Williamson. In the picture of me at the piano, you can see me playing my favorite new video game for sight reading junkies. I didn’t win any national competition, but I sure had fun at the huge trade show! I also bought a “toe”bourine….. again- talk to you in June if you want to know more!
Speaking of games…. How competitive are you? Give yourself a point for each of these statements that are true for you:
 I know that we are hosting the national conference in July 2019;
 I know that our wonderful pianist Paul Williamson won the national competition this past March;
 I participated in/attended: Musicthon; Scholarship competition; Serata; the Janina Fialkowska master class; the Baltimore convention (one point for each);
 I renewed my registration in time for the early bird draw;
 I’m still reading this message from Leanne!
(8-10 points=you must be on the MRMTA executive; 5-7 points= we want you on our executive if you aren’t already; 3-4 points=you are a pretty good MRMTA member; 1-2 points=hang in there, there’s a Wine-up and an AGM in your future!)
Be sure to save the important dates listed in your Take Note Magazine as you read it cover to cover, and enjoy your most recent edition of the Canadian Music Teacher Magazine. CFMTA/FCAPM is offering this magazine digitally now, so please try reading it in an app for your convenience. This link will take you to a page that will lead you to the app in which you’d like to read the magazine: We did a short survey about how you like to read CMT, but didn’t get much feedback. Do you enjoy getting your print copy in the mail? Do you think receiving one print copy would be enough, then read the rest online? These are the questions that we need answered by you so go to survey monkey if you haven’t already!
Along with this Take Note Issue you are receiving a questionnaire for the 100th Anniversary Book that is being researched and written by Dr. Muriel Smith. Read her letter and dig into that collection of memories and pictures so that we can tell YOUR story! Thanks for your input.
Have a wonderful spring everyone and all the best as you finish your teaching year. Why not plan your Serata performance over the summer? Everyone had a wonderful time this past Sunday (check out the article) and the students that were in attendance were thrilled with the quiz and prizes available. Since we will have 2 pianos available for Serata next May, you might as well go and peruse all the vast quartet and duo repertoire out there and go practise. As I learned in the CMT (thanks Annie Avery from the Yukon!) the Russian word for practise literally means “repeat”!
All the best,
Leanne Hiebert
President, MRMTA

Winners of the 2017 Paper Scholarships

Winners of Paper Scholarship Awards 2017

Grace Rich-Bastin Keyboard Award

Sarah Pu Student of Jane Petroni

Madeleine Gauvin Scholarship

Tobias Klassen Student of Annette Hay

Nita Eamer Memorial Scholarship Award

Ray Guerard Student of Jaqueline Ryz
Stephanie Li Student of Jane Petroni

Dorothy Lother Scholarship

Justin Lin Student of David Moroz

Harry Reginald Rowlin Memorial Strings Award

Emily Ann Cherise Student of Laurel Howard

Congratulations to the students who were awarded the paper scholarships this year It was a very difficult decision this year with so many outstanding applications to consider.
There were a total of 20 applications.

Serata Gala

Serata: An Evening of Musical Delights

We welcome music lovers, students and colleagues to this night showcasing the talents of our wonderful MRMTA members. The idea that our music teachers of the MRMTA are very talented and could offer an evening of music to our community in which they are featured was an obvious way to raise funds for our 100th Anniversary. It’s a fabulous evening of varied instruments, pieces and collaborations between colleagues; featuring duets, trios and quartets too!

In 2016, this successful event began as a fundraiser for our 100th Anniversary in 2019 when we will host the CFMTA/FCAPM Conference. The conference, held in Winnipeg, will welcome private music studio teachers from all over Canada and the United Stated. Titled “A Century of Sound Connections”, July 3 – 6, we will be celebrating our birthday and collaboration with sister organizations across Canada.

Students of our teachers are thrilled to see their teacher perform at this soiree. There are quizzes to answer and prizes to be won, and of course, the reception has its own appeal too. Last year, students performed in the lobby as guests mingled and bid on silent auction items. They really enjoyed this!

The event features a Wine & Cheese Reception and a Silent Auction. Fabulous prizes are donated by many organizations and communities as seen listed below.

Contacts for this event:
Concert & Donations: Past President Tiffany A. Wilson

Silent Auction: Member-At-Large
Viktoriya Tuz

Gold Sponsors over $300 - Caboto Center, Photos by Krista , FBH Transport,
Silver Sponsors over $150 - Virtuosi Series, Brandon Branch of MRMTA, Dry Cold Productions, Italian Canadian Foundation
Bronze Sponsors: Fort Whyte, Manitoba Chamber Orchestra, Wpg. Philharmonic Choir, Piazza De Nardi, Park Avenue Coffee, Fort Garry Industries, Music Studio of Mary Hawn, The Fit Singer, Music Studio of Eleanor Epp, Elizabeth Rotoff Voice Studio, Ann Germani, Music Studio of Tiffany A. Wilson, Mikhail Sweet