Important Information Regarding a Change in Insurance Coverage for MRMTA

We want to inform you of important changes to the liability insurance coverage which each MRMTA member has through the Canadian Federation of Music Teachers’ Associations (CFMTA). As you may know, $40 of each MRMTA member’s annual dues goes to pay this premium.

Early in July, the CFMTA Officers were informed by our insurance broker (Westland) that our current insurance provider (Intact) would not continue to cover us. It was not until late September that Westland informed the officers they had found a company who would provide insurance for us.

Unfortunately, the company they found was proposing unsatisfactory terms, including a single renewal date for all provinces and the Yukon of October 31st and an increase of premium to $79/year. They would not make any allowance for prorating premiums for a partial year. For MRMTA members it would have meant paying a $79 insurance premium to cover us from June 2021 - October 30, 2021, and an additional $79 for coverage beginning October 31st, 2021, the single renewal date.

The Federation and its member Associations were given just 2 weeks to consider this offer. We highly commend the CFMTA Officers who worked tirelessly in a short time frame to find an insurance broker. Marsh Canada Limited is the new broker; Markel is the insurance provider.

MRMTA members are covered by Westland/Intact until the end of May 2021. At that time, coverage will switch over to Marsh Canada/Markel Insurance Company. Marsh was able to secure insurance for CFMTA and the provincial/territorial associations for only $20 more than what we are currently paying, bringing the total to $60 per year per member. MRMTA will not have to conform to a single renewal date along with all the provinces and the Yukon. In fact, Lori Jede, MRMTA Treasurer, has begun speaking with Marsh Canada to change the MRMTA renewal date to July 1st to coincide with our fiscal year.

The MRMTA Executive is already impressed with Markel’s flexibility in accommodating the needs of the Canadian Federation members. We look forward to working with this Manitoba based company.

Evangeline Keeley
MRMTA President