On April 27th MRMTA, in partnership with Virtuosi Concerts, had the privilege of hosting a Masterclass with Gabriela Montero. Ms. Montero inspired us to “look beyond the score,” offering us fresh perspective as students performed music from a wide variety of music genres. She was quick to demonstrate various ways the music could be communicated, including bursts of impromptu improvisation. She emphasized, “These composers were not made of glass. They were human beings.” She also reminded us to “'Marie Kondo' the fingering!” (In other words, simplify!) We are grateful for this opportunity to learn from Ms. Montero. Thank you to Virtuosi Concerts for partnering with MRMTA once again. Thank you to Pre-Diploma President Michele Leclerc and MRMTA President Leanne Hiebert for organizing. And thank you to each of the students who performed – Angela, Kevin, Ray and Martina! You were all spectacular!