The Manitoba Registered Music Teachers' Association Brandon Branch was formed through the efforts of Dr. W.L. Wright of Brandon College and a group of local music teachers in May of 1936 at the Prince Edward Hotel in Brandon, Manitoba. The branch, between 1936 and 1944, independently sponsored recitals by visiting artists. After 1944 the branch began supporting annual recitals in the Young Artist Series and the Canadian Music Week Series. In 2010 the branch changed its name to the Brandon and Westman Registered Music Teachers' Association to be inclusive of members in the area surrounding the city of Brandon.

Our members are from Alexander, Boissevain, Brandon, Margaret, Melita and Reston. Each of our members are involved within their own community’s local arts festivals, workshops, recitals, choirs, orchestras, schools and churchs. As members, we are learning together through monthly online pedagogy chats and inclusively inviting the larger community of private teachers to grow with us. We continue to be encouraging to all levels and ages of students.

Executive Members

President: Dianna Neufeld
Past President: Ann Germani
Secretary: Maureen Baird
Treasurer: Lara Mason
Registrar: Alison McNeil-Hordern
Program & Concert Convenor: Alla Turbanova
Young Artist Series: Marla Winters




  • Marla Winters - Violin, Viola


  • Tenley Dyck - Piano, Theory: Rudiments, Piano Pedagogy


  • Wing Chow - Piano, Voice/Vocal/Singing, Rudiments, Early Childhood
  • Ann Germani - Piano, Early Childhood, Harp
  • Alison McNeil-Hordern - Piano, Theory: Rudiments
  • Lara Mason - Piano, Theory: Rudiments
  • Laurissa Sieklicki - Piano
  • Alexander Tselyakov - Piano
  • Alla Turbanova - Piano


  • Dianna Neufeld - Piano, Theory: Rudiments


  • Maureen Baird - Piano, Theory: Rudiments, Woodwinds


  • Eleanor Epp - Piano, Theory: Rudiments, Harmony, Counterpoint, Analysis, History
  • Heidi Peters - Piano, Theory: Rudiments, Composition, Harmony, Counterpoint, Analysis, Online lessons, Aural Musicianship, Performing Arts Health Educator, Collaborative Piano