The Southern Manitoba Registered Music Teachers’ branch encompasses Altona, Morden, Morris, Winkler and the surrounding areas. The branch was established on April 6, 1975; charter members were Sharron Wiens, Elsie Brown, Erna Elias, Virginia Heinrichs, Tina Wiebe and Justina Wiebe.

The member teachers have a long history of commitment to music organizations and events in their communities. Many members are committed to local festivals, church music, community choirs and instrumental ensembles, and school events. Branch members have made it a priority to support music colleagues in the school system, and have a good working relationship with The Douglas Kuhl School of Music. Creating community through music is at the heart of our commitment in Southern Manitoba.


President – Rosemary Klaassen

Vice President - Juanita Dueck

Past President - Wesley Hamm

Secretary/ – Loren Hiebert



Carilee Dueck – piano, theory
Loren Hiebert – piano, theory
Samantha Klassen – piano


Andy Huisman – piano, theory


Wes Hamm – violin, early childhood
Rosemary Klaassen – piano
Jason Vanwynsberghe – violin


Juanita Dueck – piano, theory
Diane Knute – piano, theory

St. Adolphe

Rachel Regehr – violin