The MRMTA Community Service Awards is a three-tier certificate program designed to encourage students to use music as a means to serve the wider community; to think beyond competitions, studio recitals, and exams. Completion of this program can be beneficial to include on resumes and scholarship applications.

Students of any age or level, studying with a member of MRMTA.

SILVER CERTIFICATE: 20 hours + completed Bronze
GOLD CERTIFICATE: 25 hours + completed Silver + Essay

For Gold certification, an essay is required along with the main application form. It must be 250-500 words and on the topic: “Music as a Service to the Wider Community”. The essay must reference at least three of the student’s volunteering experiences.

Successful Gold recipients are invited to attend the MRMTA’s Spring fundraising concert Serata, for public recognition. The recipient will not need to purchase a ticket, but other attendees will.

Certificates are mailed out to teachers for distribution twice a year. Please allow 3-6 weeks after submission deadline. Teachers may be contacted for clarification on details of application.


  • If performing as part of a program or service the entire duration may be counted, up to one hour.
  • No tangible recompense can be received for the service – this includes school credit, payment, gift cards. etc.
  • Performances cannot be in the context of competition or formal evaluation where rankings or marks are given.
  • Regular studio recitals are ineligible; however, if a teacher offers extra recitals in the context of serving the larger community (at care homes or as part of cultural events) these would be eligible.


These are only suggestions. Additional ideas are left to the discretion of the teacher.

  1. Playing music at care homes or hospitals.
  2. Assisting a professional music therapist.
  3. Involvement with music programs at a place of worship.
  4. Volunteering with extracurricular music programs/events at school.
  5. Performing for a younger grade level at school.
  6. Helping with various tasks at music festivals.
  7. Giving an impromptu concert on a public piano.
  8. Volunteering at MRMTA events (Talk to members of the executive for more info).
  9. Attending a concert with someone that needs assistance or companionship. ie. A senior citizen or someone with a disability.
  10. Helping your studio teacher with recitals or other events.
  11. Taking part in the Musicthon.
  12. Creating an ensemble (ex. pianist and singer; string quartet; small orchestra) and planning a public performance. Give yourselves a fun name.
  13. Other: _________ (Teachers and students are encouraged to get creative within the stated criteria.)


  • It will be the studio teacher’s responsibility to verify and sign off on all service activities and hours. Consider keeping a digital photo as insurance in case sheets are misplaced; or perhaps not allowing sheets to leave the studio.
  • There is no time limit for completing each level, however teachers may find it useful to suggest a time frame (1-3 years) and develop an overall plan with the student according to their interests and abilities.
  • Consider committing to a longer time frame with one service recipient. Ex: Performing at a care home the first Saturday of every month for a year OR creating a partnership with a public-school music teacher to assist as needed throughout the year.


The MRMTA Community Service Awards do not have a time limit. Hours can be accumulated over several years if so desired.

Studio teachers are responsible for circulating the record sheets to students and submitting completed sheets.

On the application form please count in quarter hours (.25, .5, .75) rather than in minutes.

Thank you to BCRMTA for establishing the template for the MRMTA Community Service Awards.

Laura Liu
[email protected]