This award will be given to a deserving teacher who wishes to attend the CFMTA National Conference. It is intended to encourage our RMT’s to further their continuing education as professional music teachers. Applicants will be actively involved with MRMTA programmes and involve their students in several annual events both provincially and nationally to qualify. This should ideally be their first time attending the national conference.

Amount and Deadline

Each year, the MRMTA will grant one award amounting to the cost of the registration fee to the conference. The value of this award is around $500 and will be paid directly to the conference registrar. It is meant to assist the recipient in their participation at the national conference.

Annual Deadline:  April 1


1. Serve on the executive committee or on a provincial branch committee or volunteer at 2 or more events in one year.
2. Participate personally or enroll students in at least one provincial programme in the past year, such as: Canada Music Week concert, perform at Serata: An Evening of Musical Delights, attend the Annual General Meeting, Musicthon, etc.
3. Participate personally or enroll students in at least one national programme, in the past year such as the CFMTA E-Festival, Composition Competition, national competitions or serve on a CFMTA committee.

Application Guidelines and How to Apply

In order to be eligible for this award, the applicant must be a full member of the MRMTA. Applications must be sent to the Chairperson of the Serata Committee and include a 300/500-word essay explaining why they should attend the conference and the benefits of this opportunity for their teaching career. Applicants are encouraged to demonstrate a willingness to replicate their learning in the home studio or in a workshop setting.

Every application must include:

1. Full name and position on executive or committee (if applicable)
2. Home address, email and phone number
3. Essay of 300 – 500 words
4. Information to support qualifications 1 and 2 (which will include a minimum of 4 programs in which you or your students participated if you are not serving on a committee.)

Selection Process

Each application will be reviewed by a committee which will then announce the award winner at Serata: An Evening of Musical Delights. This fundraising concert happens annually on the first Sunday evening of May. Applicants must be present to receive the award to avoid forfeiting the prize. In the case of non-attendance, the award will be given to the runner-up. In the event of no applications, or no recipients, the prize will remain in the fundraising account for the following year’s selection process.


Acceptance of the MRMTA Professional Development Award requires the applicant to attend the next CFMTA Conference. Recipients are later required to submit a brief summative report (no more than 200/400 words) detailing the professional development classes, workshops etc. attended and how they intend to implement what they’ve learned in the home studio. This may be featured in our Take Note magazine.

Email application to: [email protected]
Tiffany A. Wilson, Chairperson: Serata: An Evening of Musical Delights