Junior (gr 5-6), Intermediate (gr. 7-8) and Senior (gr.9-10) Competition Program for Piano:

All students are required to perform two or three works of contrasting styles preferably from a current recognized Syllabus (RCM or CC) from the following categories:

• At least one selection must be from either Baroque or Classical repertoire
• Another selection may be from the Baroque or Classical repertoire, but not the same era as above
• Romantic
• Contemporary

Students may choose one selection at a comparable level not available in a current recognized syllabus.  A copy of the music must be submitted along with the application for approval from the scholarship committee. In order to be accepted the selection must reflect the appropriate grade level.

Maximum Time Limits for all disciplines:

• Junior – 6 minutes;
• Intermediate – 13 minutes;
• Senior – 10 minutes (minimum) to 18 minutes (maximum)
• Advanced (ARCT or Undergraduate) Level Competition Program for Piano:

Age Restriction:

• Piano Competitors must be no more than 24 years old on January 1st of competition year.

Time Limits:

• Minimum 30 minutes, Maximum 45 minutes.

Repertoire Requirements:

• One Canadian solo Composition
• One complete solo composition from the Classical or Baroque Period.
In addition to this prescribed repertoire candidates can choose a variety of shorter works from any other period to complete a well rounded program.