Junior (gr 5-6), Intermediate (gr. 7-8) and Senior (gr.9-10) Competition Program for Voice:

• Junior: two songs of contrasting styles
• Intermediate: three songs of contrasting styles in at least two languages
• Senior: four songs

o One opera, oratorio or musical theatre aria, no accompanying recitative
o One 20th or 21st century English art song
o Two contrasting songs from French, German or Spanish repertoire

Students may choose one selection at a comparable level not available in a current recognized syllabus. A copy of the music must be submitted along with the application for approval from the scholarship committee. In order to be accepted the selection must reflect the appropriate grade level.


Maximum Time Limits for all disciplines:

• Junior – 6 minutes;
• Intermediate – 13 minutes;
• Senior – 10 minutes (minimum) and 18 minutes (maximum)


Advanced (ARCT or Undergraduate) Level Competition Program for Voice

Age Restriction - Vocal Competitors must be no more than 33 years old on January 1st of competition year.

Time Limits - Minimum 30 minutes, Maximum 45 minutes.

Repertoire Requirements -

• An operatic aria to be sung in the original language and key
• An aria from an oratorio, mass, requiem or cantata to be sung in the original key
• A German lied, French mélodie and English Art Song
• A Canadian Composition (not a folk song arrangement)
• A selection composed in the last 50 years
• A variety of shorter works to form a well-balanced program