Spring 2018

Letter from the President May 2018

Letter from the President May 2018
Happy spring everyone. I’ve already got my bike out, but can’t say I’ve done any yard work! I hope you are all getting a good dose of outdoor air now that we can come out of hibernation!
It’s time to spread the word about MRMTA and our conference. Your executive is doing some great work, and you will be hearing about the MRMTA on Classic 107. We are teaming up with them for Serata, future advertising, and are excited that Chris Wolf will have hosted our concert by the time you are reading this. Grab a coffee, go sit outside and get ready to read about the MRMTA past present and future in this issue of Take Note.
Since the last edition of Take Note we have had a coffee party, a scholarship competition, Musicthon and a fundraising concert put on by your colleagues. There were also 2 workshops in April and the CFMTA student composition competition deadline was April 9th. I hope you enjoy the articles and pictures from these events! I must comment that the Grant Park Mall was a great venue for Musicthon this year and I hope that someone steps forward organize it for the 2018/19 season. Feel free to call me if you have questions about what is involved.
We are working daily to get the website up to snuff and your pictures and profiles back in order. We had to move our hosting provider and in this move, some things disappeared. We do appreciate your patience and please know that this is a priority this spring as clientele go looking for teachers for September.
I would like to invite you all to go to our MRMTA Facebook page and join the group that Christina Hutton has created for us. Here is a place where we can discuss and share ideas!
Conference Conference RAH RAH RAH! (Sorry- I just finished playing for a week’s run of “Anything Goes” and I have various cheers and songs stuck in my head!) Anyway, it’s all about next year’s “A Century of Sound Connections” as we move forward. Annette Hay and Evangeline Keeley, our fearless leaders, have an article in this issue to keep us up to date and give us ideas on how we can get involved. Do consider joining our conference team “GO MRMTA GO”. We are going to show our Canadian colleagues a good time in Manitoba next July!
Now go get that coffee, enjoy the sunshine and Take Note: Spring Edition!
And a hearty thanks to the whole executive and volunteers. You all make this job easier for me!
Leanne Hiebert